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People often use Google tools in order to improve their SEO (like keyword search). However, Google can also be used to create excellent content. By using Google, you can pinpoint what’s popular in a certain region, within a certain time frame which can inspire creative, relevant content.

Google Tools that will Help with Content Creation

Here are a few tools that could help with your campaign:

Google Insights for Search – lets you compare search volume patterns across specific regions, categories, time frames and properties. It will show you top search results, top locations for that search term, and (what I find most interesting for marketers) rising search results.

The above example shows ‘recipe’ searches for Dallas. It also separates the top search locations (in surrounding areas). If you’re a food producer, you can use this information to develop recipes that people are looking for, then use Google AdWords or Facebook Ads to target specific regions with your content.

Google Correlate – shows you how search terms correlate with real life events. For example, could someone figure out what terms are often researched during the Olympics? Yes they can!

The example above shows that when people in Canada were searching for the term ‘Olympics’, they were also searching for the term ‘medals’ (r=0.9632, this means a strong correlation between the two terms). This type of data could be useful to figure out related keywords or content that people are looking for over a certain time period.

Google Trends – shows the search volume patterns over time for a specific search term. It also gives you which subregions and cities have the highest search volume for that term. This can help you determine in which area certain topics are most relevant/interesting, which can guide your marketing campaigns.

The above example shows ‘social media’ search volumes in Canada.

How Gillette used Google to Guide Their Content Creation

About a month ago, I went to the Atlantic Internet Marketing conference, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Collin Douma (@collindouma), Global Digital Planning Leader – Gillette BAL at BBDO gave a keynote about how to incorporate interests and demographics in the creative process of a marketing campaign.

BBDO did a search about shaving on Google (using some of the tools above). They noticed that almost all of the content that was created about shaving referenced shaving from the neck up. However, they concluded from their data that over 10 million search queries on Google in the US were for shaving from the neck down.  Needless to say, Gillette jumped to the challenge, took this data, and created a marketing campaign that people were interested in. The campaign, which comprised of YouTube videos, focused on shaving everything bellow the neck. It worked! (Collin mentioned that sales increased significantly during this campaign). Here’s one of their HILARIOUS videos that they produced:

**Caution: This video might not be appropriate for all workplaces. That being said, it’s hilarious, so watch it anyways 😛 **

This campaign was so original that it got Perez Hilton‘s (@PerezHilton) stamp of approval! It also got a tweet out of Nicole Richie (@NicoleRichie)


So what do you think about Gillettes’ creative idea? Pretty funny right? Would you use Google Tools to get similar data to develop creative content? Have you ever used the mentioned Google Tools before? How? Leave a comment bellow! 🙂