How to Maximize Return on Influence with @InNetworkInc


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Some of you might be wondering why I haven’t posted here in a while. This summer, DJ Thistle (@djthistle) and I have launched a new website – I write most of my posts there – check it out! I will also be blogging at InNetwork Inc. soon!

I started a new job at InNetwork Inc (@InNetworkInc), which is very exciting. A lot of you know me from my campaign to “Work for Radian6”. I have been job-hunting all summer, and ended up finding my dream job in October. I’m a sucker for online analytics and platforms, so when I found the posting by InNetwork on LinkedIn, I was immediately attracted to it.

Influencers at InNetworkI ended up getting an interview with the CEO (@keevill) and COO (@craigrennick) 24 hours after my application was received – and it went well! The next week, they flew me to Toronto to meet the other founder (@duriajrami) – it was kind of an extended job interview, where they put me to work and included me in important meetings. At the end of the week, a job offer was made – I was so happy and excited, because it was exactly the type of work I was looking for!

Before I talk about my job, let me give you a bit of background about what InNetwork does. InNetwork is a tool for marketers to easily
create and execute social media 
influencer outreach campaigns. Marketers can go into the dashboard, select a roster of vetted influencers, create a campaign brief, and then submit it to the influencers for review. Influencers have full control on whether they want to accept or decline the invitation to execute the campaign.

There are a few reasons why Marketers should use this tool:

  1. Influencers are sorted by AUDIENCE information, not influencer information. It’s important that your brand reaches the correct audience – that’s why when you review an influencers profile, you will get information about the influencer’s audience demographic, geographic location, and topics of interest.Select your Influencer Audience
  2. It’s very easy to find the right influencer for your campaign through our filters. You simply drag and drop the influencers you want in the campaign, and it will start building your total reach, impressions, and pricing.Drag and Drop your Influencer
  3. Everything is done online, through your dashboard – from campaign building, to influencer collaboration (yes, we have a collaboration console to make it easier for you to communicate with the influencers that accept your campaign), to pricing of influencers, and online payment. We made it easy for you to plan and execute outreach campaigns.Influencer Outreach Dashboard

My job at InNetwork is to search for quality influencers, build relationships with them, and sign them up to our database. InNetwork is a closed database of influencers – everyone can register, but not everyone will be approved for an account. We have minimum quality and reach standards that we’re looking for, so marketers only get the best of the best. We also do this to help influencers receive more campaigns – if a marketer knows InNetwork is the top marketplace for quality influencers, more will use the product, which means more campaigns and ultimately revenue for the influencer!

As an influencer, you’ll want to join the network because:

  1. You will get paid, real cash, for your time in executing a campaign. And we’re not talking about a couple bucks for a tweet, or a blog post. We’re talking big money, for real, month-long campaigns.
  2. Brands will be matched to your audience profile – this ensures that only brands that are relevant to you and your audience will contact you. If your content is focused on tech and digital marketing, you won’t be receiving a campaign from a baby food manufacturer targeting mothers and fathers – it just doesn’t fit.
  3. You get full control on the campaigns you want to participate in – if you don’t like the brief, you can decline. Also, you can accept a brief, have a conversation with the marketer through the collaboration console, and then change your mind and withdraw your participation from the campaign.
  4. You have full publishing power on your message. Brands will give you all the information you need to inform you about the company and its goals, but ultimately you decide the message you want to share, and how you want to share it. No brand will review your content before you share – it’s all you, in your authentic voice. We do ask that you declare your involvement with the brand, but the rest of the message is all up to you!
  5. Did I mention you get paid?!?

Right now we are recruiting influencers in Canada, and will be moving into the US in 2013. If you’re interested in signing up as an influencer, you can fill out the application here. If you want to know more about this, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below, send me a tweet at @danielghebert, or email me at daniel [at] innetwork [dot] net.

Also, if you find this interesting, or know someone that should be an InNetwork Influencer, please share!