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We are almost ready to launch SteamFeed (@steamfeedcom)! Come September 18, you will be able to get fresh, truthful, and valuable information about marketing, social media, and technology – from QUALITY authors! To get you excited, check out who’s signed on so far:

  • Albert Qian (@AlbertQian) – Albert Qian is a social media professional working, living and playing in Silicon Valley. He got his start in social media by working for Santa Clara University and jumping into Facebook pages in May 2009. Ever since, he has been engrossed in social media, marketing, program management and consulting for small businesses, Fortune 500 companies and individuals looking to learn more social media.
  • Anya Downing (@anyadowning) – With more than 25 years with advertising agencies and a Fortune 500 company, Anya held positions as Art Director, Advertising Coordinator, Product Manager and Internet Management Leader. Anya was the founder of a multi-media company and is currently the principal of Engage Inc. – a branding and digital marketing company in MA.
  • Randy Bowden (@bowden2bowden) – An executive who after spending 26 years in the corporate world in various marketing roles within one of the largest utilities company in the nation, Randy grew tired of the grind and sought a new challenge. In 2010 Randy and his wife, Shalah, also a professional marketer formed bowden2bowden llc, a marketing and brand consultancy firm.
  • Gerry Michaels (@GettysburgGerry) – After working in the tech industry in the Implant & Diffusion modules making chips, Gerry entered into the Real Estate world and found that the internet was a valuable tool to level the playing field with large brokerages. Since then, he has opened Studmuffin Media and offers a full line of internet based marketing, and social media services to his clients.
  • Paul Cooley (@paulcooley) – Paul Cooley is a consultant, speaker, preacher & soon to be author. Paul helps corporate, small business, entertainment & personal brands define and express their core message and image through Social Media and other online platforms. He founded a Social Brand Agency called iBoost.
  • James Oliver Jr. (@jamesoliverjr) – In addition to preparing business plans, James’ background is in public accounting, finance, sales, marketing, and entrepreneurship. James is an entrepreneur with an ESTP (Artisan Promoter) Kiersey Temperament Type, and is currently working on a start up called WeMontage.
  • Derrick Jones (@djoneslucid) – Derrick Jones is a former Marine, serial entrepreneur of three tech startups and author of the book “Presidents, Pilots & Entrepreneurs – Lessons from the Trenches for the Everyday Entrepreneur.”
  • Robert Caruso (@fondalo) – Robert M. Caruso is a long time social media professional and founder of Bundlepost, the first social content management system. His company develops social media technologies that increase social media agencies and marketers efficiency, effectiveness and profitability.
  • Carrie Keenan (@carrieatthill) – Carrie Keenan is the Social Media Community Manager for Thill Logistics, Inc. out of Neenah, WI (@ThillLogistics). Carrie is also actively involved in the Wisconsin Irish community as the chair of social media for Oshkosh Irish Fest, a member of the Shamrock Club of the Fox Cities and enjoys assisting these Irish business owners and groups (@OSKIrishFest@McGuinness_Pub) with social media.
  • Phaedra Stockstill (@phaedrastock) – Recognized as a trusted eCommerce consultant and educator, entrepreneur Phaedra Stockstill has been a successful marketer for over 10 years; she has established herself as a Certified Inbound Marketing Professional as well as an Inbound Marketing Educator. Currently, Stockstill is the proud owner and CEO of South Louisiana eConsulting.
  • Rich Cottle (@rcottle86) – Not only will he design and launch amazing ROI focused Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Marketing campaigns and combine that with the brand evangelism you need, but, he has the skill set and drive to sell your product/service/idea to anyone from VC’s, Angels and potential customers. Rich is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Bundlepost.
  • David Schwartz (@brand_education) – David is a Brand Strategist, Architect and Mentor focused on building relevant brands, while creating valuable consumer relationships to promote engagement. David started his career working for MTV in New York, he then proceeded to Atlanta to work with the likes of Coca-Cola, Chick-fil-A and Home Depot. Now, David works with companies of all sizes teaching and consulting on best practices for building a brand in the digital age.
  • Anne Reuss (@AnneReuss) – One evening, while strolling down State street in September 2011 unemployed and frustrated, Anne decided to make a foray into social media. It wasn’t long before she realized how it was changing modern culture through new forms of “connection” and development of each individual’s “digital identity”. She set a course to assist businesses, causes and individuals in refining their new web identities in a manner they could refine and develop to their planned desire.
  • Keri Jaehnig (@connectyou) – Keri Jaehnig has worked in leadership roles in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors.  She is the Founder and CMO at Idea Girl Media, a Social Media Marketing Agency, and works with clients all over the world. Keri works with business brands, non-profits and political candidates to achieve social media success. Non-fat lattes, travel & quick wit make her smile, and Keri is always enthused to meet new people!
  • Kimberly Bordonaro (@brandspiration) – One of the most assiduous branding consultants for entrepreneurs, Kimberly Bordonaro has built a career on combining practical marketing and business advice with inspiring lyrical references to form a philosophy termed Brandspiration™. Check out Kimberly’s biography on KimberlyBordonaro.com for the full story.
  • Kittie Walker (@TheIndigoGirl) – Kittie Walker is the Managing Partner at Indigo Girl a design and communication agency based in London, UK. With over 20 years business experience in multiple industries, she brings a wealth of skills to the projects that she participates in.
  • Mallie Hart (@themediabarista) – After a long career as a graphic artist, web designer and ghost writer, Mallie found her true calling when personal social media embarked on the path leading to social business. While she still gets busy with graphics, most of her creative energy is now directed to unique social media content creation, curation and cultivation.
  • Kimberly Reynolds (@QRKim) – Kim has been designing websites since 1995, when she registered her first domain. Her specialty is Joomla based e-commerce sites. She is a social media aficionado as well as a self-professed Empire Avenue addict. Kim is the founder of Qwikr.me.
  • Susie Parker (@susie_parker) – Susie is a creative, savvy and innovative marketing/communications professional with more than 20 years experience in restaurant, retail, education and health care industries. She guides brands on how to leverage social media. Her specialties are social media strategy, integrating traditional and digital marketing, PR, customer retention, and CSAT.

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