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As some of you may already know, DJ Thistle (@djthistle) and I are in the process of launching a new website called SteamFeed (@steamfeedcom). This website will provide authentic, truthful resources on Marketing, Social Media and Technology.

We’ve recently been approached by a few people that wanted to congratulate us on our venture, however it seems like they were a bit confused with what SteamFeed is about. They thought SteamFeed was a ‘Wiki-Leak’ for outing social media professionals that fake or game their social scores (like twitter followers, Klout scores, etc). We want to ensure that everyone knows what we’re really about, and ‘outing’ fauxperts is NOT our business. Here’s a little bit more about how SteamFeed came about, and what to expect from the website in the future:

The Brand

There’s a movement going on in the social-sphere these days about ‘fauxperts’ and how bad they are for the marketing, social media, and tech industry. These ‘fauxperts’ are misleading small business owners with false information – blog posts about subject in which they have no experience, but claim to be a ‘guru’ or ‘expert’ in that industry. These people buy fake twitter followers to make their twitter accounts look more appealing to clients, but would have no idea on how to organically create an engaging community. These people are tarnishing a much needed industry…

The drums are starting to bang… ¡Viva la Revolución! – Some real professionals (people that care about their clients’ results) are starting to gather together, and ‘out’ these fakes. These real professionals are tired of the ‘gurus’ hogging the spotlight with their shiny book deals and speaking gigs. These real professionals want to take back their respective industries from the fakes! This is where SteamFeed comes in.

SteamFeed will act as the headquarters for the rebel alliance. We fully promote the revolution of taking back our respected industries from the fakes. And we will do this by gathering a pool of real professionals to share their expertise on our website. No gurus. No ‘fauxperts’. Just real professionals, working hard at what they’re good at, and sharing some of their experiences with you.

The Vision

The vision for SteamFeed is to be a ‘Mashable’-like website, minus the advertorials and ‘fauxperts’. Our goal here at SteamFeed is to provide YOU with the best possible resources about marketing, social media, and technology. All of our authors have gotten results – either they’ve gotten results personally, or they’ve gotten results for their clients.

We’re here for you. This is YOUR community. Ask questions, connect with us on different networks, and we’ll get back to you. That’s a promise.

Our website serves as a resource to business owners that want to dive into marketing, social media, and technology themselves, but don’t really know how to start, or what kind of strategies drive results. Too often, ‘gurus’ mislead them. This will happen NO MORE!

The Content

There are two main things that guide our blog posts:

  1. Our authors rely on their experience and expertise. This way it creates a more authentic post, and more of a story/conversation.
  2. The post will provide actionable value. Once a reader is done reading the post, they have to be able to take the information they just read, and do something with it. We don’t want “5 things you’re doing wrong”-types of posts if they don’t provide solutions. We want posts that will actually help the reader get results with their own efforts, if they chose to follow guidelines in your posts.

So there’s the inside scoop about SteamFeed! Welcome to the revolution! #SMRebels

Now on to you! What would you like to see from a Marketing, Social Media, and Technology resource website? What’s missing from current websites that you would want to see at SteamFeed? What do you NOT want to see at SteamFeed? Please leave your comments bellow! 🙂