*This is a guest post by Erich Miller of CNY Media Solution*

I was getting gas a few nights ago at our local Nice ‘N Easy (a convenience store in upstate New York) – by the way, did gas take another jump or what? Anyway, while I was standing there watching the money fly out of my pocket, I looked over at a sign next to the pump. It was an advertisement for texting the word “EASY” to a short-code number.

I thought, “Why not!..Let’s see what they offer.” To my surprise, I received a text a few moments after to see that I was awarded a free 20 oz. fountain drink or 16 oz. cup of coffee. All I’d have to do is show the cashier my message and I would be hooked up with my drink.

Nice ‘N Easy gets it. They understand that using this new way of mobile marketing is going to result in many more sales. In fact, there are two important advantages of SMS text marketing to bring in more sales:

1. It helps businesses build their lists of customers. Once a list is in place, messages can be broadcasted out that offer special deals to bring them back in – especially during slow times.

2. The opening rate of text messages is nearly 100%. If used correctly and not in a spammy way, they can be something the customer looks forward to and received by a very warm market.

Remember that with SMS text marketing, the customer is the one that “opts in” to (or decides to receive) your advertisement. Whether you use SMS text marketing in radio, television, newspaper, billboard or online ads, the customer is the one that is saying, “Yes. I would like to take advantage of your offer and you may contact me again in the future.” Wouldn’t you love a huge list of customers waiting to hear from you?

Of course, with all SMS text marketing, there are rules in place to let the customer be removed from the list easily. That’s why it is so important that businesses do not “attack” their list with ad after ad, day after day. Personally, if Nice ‘N Easy had sent me 2 or 3 messages since the first text I received, I probably would have dropped myself from their text marketing list in a heartbeat.

You might be wondering if I actually went in to claim my free drink. As a matter of fact, I didn’t. The coupon expired in two days from receiving the text and in my mind I thought I would get it the next day, but procrastination got the best of me and I had let the special deal slip by. I plan on staying on their list to see what special deal comes up next. But in the end, Nice ‘N Easy has one more person to market to and at the same time, saved a buck or two by me forgetting to get my drink.

Well played Nice ‘N Easy…well played.

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