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Yesterday, I spent my whole day watching a ‘Top Chef Canada‘ marathon on the food network. I love cooking, and I love being creative in the kitchen. As I was watching it, I started making connections between social media and cooking. I thought I would share my social media ‘cookbook’ with you:

  1. Always use fresh ingredients (new content). Fresh ingredients makes for a better tasting dish.
  2. Don’t just serve one dish (content) over and over again, or people will get bored of the flavours.
  3. Don’t over-complicate the recipe. Using too many ingredients (social networks) might make the dish confusing.
  4. You can make good food by following a recipe (have a good strategy by following best practices). However, exceptional food comes from outside the cookbook. Experiment with different tactics on social networks in order to find YOUR best recipe.
  5. Like your grandmother’s cooking, your social media strategy needs tender loving  care in order to be great. Take the time that’s needed for your strategy to cook properly.
  6. Good recipes need a lot of tweaking before they get to their state. So continuously look at your social media recipe, and tweak it as needed. It might need a bit more seasoning ;).
  7. If you put a bad ingredient in your recipe, it could spoil the whole dish. So make sure you spot the bad ingredient and deal with it before it’s too late (deal with negative comments in a timely manner so it doesn’t spoil your social media recipe)!
  8. Buying precooked meals is like buying a bunch of Twitter followers (or Facebook fans): DON’T DO IT! It’s full of nasty ingredients and never leads to any good.
  9. Always watch your food so it doesn’t burn (monitor your social media presence to make sure everything is on-track).
  10. Most importantly: Have fun with it!

Hope you enjoyed my musings! How else would you associate social media to food/cooking? What are things that you do in the kitchen that you could bring online? Leave me a comment below! 🙂