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The weekend has finally come: Convocation. This weekend, the Mount Allison University class of 2012 will get together one last time as students to celebrate all of our accomplishments over the past four years. On Monday, May 14, we will walk on stage as students one last time, coming out the other end as alumni of the top undergraduate school in Canada.

I think it is proper to write a post about how grateful I am for my wonderful years at Mount Allison University. I am grateful for:

  • My parents, friends, and family for supporting my choice to go to Mount Allison University, and encouraging me throughout my experience.
  • Meeting all of the wonderful people I’ve became friends with at MTA, and for creating wonderful memories together.
  • Meeting my wonderful girlfriend (Abby), and for having her support me in all of my dreams.
  • Student loans. Without government help, I would not have been able to attend university. So thank you!
  • All of the residence staff for keeping our house clean for the first two years I lived in residence.
  • My residence dons. They were awesome!
  • All of the staff at Jennings Dining Hall for always having a smile on their face, and serving us fantastic food. Thanks Chef Tom!
  • My Academic advisor Peter Sianchuk for helping me plan out my degree, and making sure I took all of the right courses in order to graduate.
  • And last but not least, all of the faculty in the Ron Joyce Centre for Business Studies. You’ve taught me so much, and help me so much along the way. I cannot thank you enough for making my education experience simply awesome! Thank you!

Have you gone to College or University? Do you remember your graduating weekend? What are you grateful for from your degree? Leave your comments bellow! 🙂