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*Before I start this post, I just want to introduce this new segment. It’s easy to get lost in personal branding. What I mean by that is not to include enough ‘personal’ in your personal brand. So in order to keep myself a ‘human’ online, I decided to share a bit of personal stuff about me with my community. (Almost) every Friday, I will be writing a post about myself, not about social media, or marketing, or branding. I want to get to know you better, and by sharing more about myself, I hope I will get to know you better! 🙂 Maybe we have something in common, you never know! Enjoy!*

The time has come: four great years at Mount Allison University have come to an end. What will I do now? I’ve recently moved to Halifax with my girlfriend (Abby). We found a nice little two-bedroom apartment just outside the city. It’s about 15 minutes away from the core, so we can go into the city if we need to. We also have all sorts of shops around us. What’s nice about the location is that it’s in a suburb, so there’s not much noise, except for the beautiful sound of birds chirping in the morning :).

While she’s starting a full time summer job on Monday, and she’s working part time on some evenings, I am still looking for employment in the social media and marketing industry. I haven’t had any job offers yet, but I do have a couple special projects brewing up which I’m very excited for! In the meantime, I figured I would read a bunch of different books while I’m still job searching (might as well pile up some more knowledge in that brain of mine while I’m doing nothing!). I read Purple Cow by Seth Godin already this week (and I highly recommend it for anyone that wants a good marketing read), and have several other books ready to crack open. I’m confident that things will start picking up soon though. But as for now, I might as well enjoy a little bit of me time :).

What are you up to lately? When was the last time you moved to a new city? Were you scared or excited? Leave your comments bellow!