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Before I start this post, I want to introduce this new segment I will be starting called Geek Moment! This will be a review of websites/online tools/gadgets/whatever I feel like reviewing, and why I like it. I’ll be having a Geek Moment.

So my first Geek Moment is about Klout! So what is Klout? Klout is a program that measures social influence. Every time you create content, or engage with your followers, it affects your Klout score. The more engagement you create, and the more influential content you create, the better your score (so in other words, it’s almost like a social media “traffic” analyzer). Klout takes measurements of any social network profiles that you connect to Klout (so if you only connect your Twitter account, Klout won’t measure your Facebook or Google+ influence). Klout never sells your personal data to advertisers, so you don’t have to worry about connecting as many social networks to your account as you want! Great! 🙂

Many people criticize Klout, and question whether its algorithm actually measure influence or not. While I am not convinced that it actually does measure online influence, it does give you a number to benchmark your online activity against others. Managers like benchmarks, so it can be a useful tool for consultants to compare social media “capital”, let’s say.

Now here is where I think Klout becomes great! It works as its own little social network. You can search for users, and give them +Ks (or Klout) about certain topics that you find they are influential about (this becomes useful, as I’ll explain later). Users can also connect all of their social media profiles to it, so you can easily find them on other networks.

Klout also let’s you search for users by topics. So if you want to search for who is “influential” about branding, research branding and it will give you people that received a lot of +Ks about branding (see, told you it was useful to give +Ks).

Now here is where I’m gonna have my Geek Moment! Klout gives you perks. The higher your Klout score, the better the perk. And some of these perks are awesome too! You can easily turn your online influence into material, quantifiable goods. For example, I received some Clean and Clear body wash this week, and I’m expecting to get some Neutrogena face wash soon. How cool is that?! (Perks are not just material goods, but can also be exclusive beta access to some new analysing tool, or tickets to a convention and stuff! So it can satisfy everyone’s needs!) Some perks are limited to location, and some are limited to influential topics as well (another reason why you need +Ks). But it’s simply awesome that you can turn your Twitter and Facebook efforts into free stuff! Geek Moment!!! 🙂 (Klout makes you Opt-In for perks, so they won’t send you stuff you don’t want.)

So there’s my first Geek Moment! What do you think about Klout? Should everyone have it? What do you think about the perks? Please leave your comments bellow, and share it with your friends!