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*This post is half product review, half creative ideas for business cards.*

I always wanted to buy MOO business cards. I’ve seen plenty of reviews out there, and MOO always seemed like a cool product. Since I’m currently job hunting, I figured it would be in my advantage to have a personal business card.

So I came up with an idea of the business card résumé. What is this you say? Well, I stumbled upon a blog called Complex Visuals. In one of the posts, someone commented about a word cloud tool called wordle.net. I found it pretty cool, and was playing around and made myself a word cloud résumé.

Then I though: “Wait a minute, this would look cool on a business card!” So I came up with a few different designs, went on MOO, and made myself some business card résumés. And they turned out awesome!

MOO is a definite must if you are seeking a high quality business card!

The Good!

  • You can modify the back image for all of your business cards, so they are extremely personalized (if you order 50, you can make 50 different ones).
  • Very high quality paper, and I chose the lowest one. It’s almost like cardboard, very thick.
  • Printing was done perfectly! Has a glossy finish as well.
  • Delivery was super fast! Estimated delivery date was on March 23rd, I got them on March 8th (ordered on February 25th). I took basic shipping, and I live in a rural part of Atlantic Canada.
  • Packaging is awesome! Comes in a nice little box, with organizers for yours and theirs business cards.
  • Received a 10% off coupon with my order, as long as I re-order by the end of the month.

The Bad!

  • Uhm… Nothing? I am highly satisfied with my purchase.

So here are some ideas for your next personal business card:

  • Upload more than one back image, so you can allow the person to choose their favourite.
  • Use plenty of colours to make the cards stand out.
  • If you want to do a word cloud résumé, I suggest making your name the largest, and then have three words describing what your professional interests are. After that, put 5-7 positive qualities that describe yourself. This will give an idea of who you are to the person that receives the card.
  • On the front, don’t put any information that ties you to a company (remember, this is a personal business card, not a company business card). By doing so, you  will always be able to use these cards.
  • Put a picture of yourself on your business card! It makes you stand out, and you won’t ever have to worry about the person forgetting who you are!
  • Add your social media accounts on your card, so people can keep in touch with you online.

Have you ever used MOO before? How did your cards turn out? Are you interested in using MOO? What would you put on your business card?