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I decided to write this update because people keep asking me if I got the job at Radian6 (@radian6) (almost on a daily basis :P). The following is a timeline of what has happened so far:

The Community Engagement Specialist position they were considering me for was a term position for a maternity leave, and they needed someone that could start overlap training in March. Since I have university going until April 16, I could not start training until then. I was still very much interested in the position, but they had to review all options. I fully understand that timing is key in these types of decisions, and that a later training date was just not possible.

And as for checking back with them in April, I will most definitely do so! I fully understand that they are a fast growing company, and they are not necessarily sure of what positions will be open in May. So I will be contacting the recruiters again in a month or so, and will keep going with this quest to work for Radian6 then :).

Take-away from the experience so far: Timing is very important! I’m starting to think that maybe I should have held back a little bit longer on my blog post, and release it a bit closer to my graduation. And when it comes to certain positions, you might be qualified, but timing plays a large role in the hiring decision as well.

So stay tuned! I am not giving up on this quest (because they told me to keep trying, that should be a sign that they are still interested, right?) and I will get back in touch with the Radian6 recruiting team later in April 🙂