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*Before reading: I use a couple f-bombs in this post. It is not the focus of the post, it’s just to emphasize a point. If you do not like fowl words, please don’t bash me for expressing myself in the comments. Enjoy :)*


“You’ll only ever be as good as you allow yourself to be…”

Isn’t that great? This quote brought to you by: Exam Time Procrastination… 😉

This is a post about personal branding. It’s about getting rid of your limitations, and being yourself. A few weeks ago, I was inspired by a great man named Sunny Pathak. See, I went to the John Molson Sports Marketing Conference at Concordia University. Sunny was a speaker there (as I found out the last day, while he was doing his motivational speech). But that’s not where he made his first impression.

The day before, we had a panel of NHL professionals (managers and executives). And the CFO of Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment was there (the company that owns the Toronto Maple Leafs). When they opened up the floor for questions, this guy, sitting in the back decided to, well… told the CFO how Toronto is the most boring place to go watch hockey, and their marketing team sucks at making it entertaining. Anyways, the CFO got kinda riled-up by the comment, and lets just say, the guy that asked the question was, from that point forward, know as ‘that guy‘. As you might have guessed, it was Sunny.

Now, a lot of people were going crazy, and couldn’t believe he made that comment and such. But the next day, he delivered one of the most inspirational speeches I have heard so far. This guy was being himself, the whole time he was at the conference. He didn’t care about what others thought, he expressed himself  none the less. He was genuine, he was authentic. He left us off on a little note.

Someone once told Sunny he couldn’t do something (he wanted to work in the sports industry). This person said that he would never be able to do it. Sunny’s response was this: ” You say I can’t do it? Fuck you! I’m going to show you I can.” At that moment, he was so genuine in what he was saying, that it gave me the chills. Heck, it still gives me the chills when I think about it!

So here is my personal branding advice for you:

  1. Express yourself, no matter what
  2. Do what you love
  3. Try something new

Express yourself, no matter what

Look at Sunny. He could have decided not to ask that question. But he did. People remembered him, because he was so genuine. Do you have an idea? Express it. Some people might not like it. Fuck them! You’re entitled to your opinion. Do some people think you’re crazy because you shared your own thoughts? Fuck them. Express yourself! Don’t be scared to say what you think. You can’t please everyone, and you shouldn’t try to.

Do what you love

Do you like to read books about physics? Good for you! Read it up! Do you like to dance? Good! Don’t ever let someone stop you from doing what you love. How many time have you heard this from someone: “Oh my god, you really do that?… That’s so weird, why do you do that?”. Well… Fuck them! Do what you love, be who you are. If you like doing something, do it! That’s all that matters.

Try something new

Are you looking for ways to improve yourself? Are you looking for new opportunities? Try something new. There are 52 weeks in a year. If you do something new every week, you’ll have created 52 new opportunities during the year. Who’s stopping you from doing it? Is someone telling you you shouldn’t try it, cause it sounds stupid? Fuck them! Are you telling yourself you can’t do it? Well… that’s your fault…

The great innovators of the world, the great leaders of the world are not afraid to express themselves… They aren’t afraid to do what they love… They don’t limit themselves with stupid rules on what they can, or can’t try. They do new things all the time, because they understand that opportunities flow from them.

So that is my personal branding blurb for you. Do you like it?