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Most companies have a business strategy, an HR strategy, a marketing strategy, etc. These strategies also have sub-strategies, like growth strategy, recruiting strategy, and communications strategy. So why do many companies forget about strategy when it comes to social media?

“Hey Johnny, let’s start a business just because others are doing it!!!” How do you think that scenario would go? People don’t just start a business because others are doing it, they start it because they have a vision for it. So why should it be any different with social media?

When it comes to communications strategy, there are two main points that every company should have:

  1. Precise, measurable goals
  2. A well defined target market

Measurable Goals

A lot of people don’t believe in social media ROI. That’s probably because they have nothing to measure. Let’s say your company puts an ad in the newspaper with no phone number, no email address, no coupon code. What would you measure? What’s the point of that ad? How is it different on social media?

If you don’t set goals for your social media, you won’t see anything happen. “Why is my Facebook page not getting any likes?” The question is, why do you want people to like your Facebook page? How are you going to make it happen? Some companies think they have to be on social media because everyone else is doing it. That’s not true.

Would you produce a $100 million television ad just because everyone else is doing it? Not necessarily. Set yourself specific goals. What are you trying to accomplish on social media? Where is your target market? How do they use social media? Why should you be on social media?

If the only reason is because it’s cheap, or because others are doing it, you need to put your thinking cap on and start over. Without a strategy, you might as well not be on there.

Target Market

Target markets are extremely important. Without a properly defined target market, you don’t have a direction for your strategy. Do you know who you’re trying to attract? Do you know their age, gender, occupation, income, interests, activities, etc? Do you know their social media “hangouts”?

These are all questions you need to answer before you start your strategy. Your message and tactics will change depending on who your target is. Not everyone uses social media in the same way. Now if you’re a B2C, it’s almost a safe bet being on Facebook. But do you know where your targets are when it comes to B2B?

Would you run a Don Cherry’s “Rock’em Sock’em” ad on Teletoon? No.

Would you run a management consulting print ad in Men’s Health Magazine? Probably not.

Would you run a Febreeze ad during a UFC fight? No.

See where I’m going with this?

Your target market gives direction to your strategy. Your strategy gives you purpose. Tactics evolve from your strategy.

So before you go any further with your social media, ask yourself these question: Why am I here? What goal am I trying to achieve? Is it attainable with the mediums I am using? Who am I targeting? Where do they hang-out? What can I do to reach them?