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As I’ve mentioned before, I am the Social Media Manager at NuFocus Strategic Group. Recently, we’ve been experimenting with different content curating tools. My co-worker Dave Gallant has showed me this neat little tool called Storify.

For those of you that do not know what Storify is, it is a content curating tool much like paper.li, except it gives you much greater control over what content you gather. It is a way to share different articles, as well as your own thoughts in one single location.

I think this tool is great for B2B social media. Why? You can choose articles that are specific to your industry, add your own comments to them, and then share them to all of your clients/ potential clients. This will make you look like an expert to your clients. It is a great way to share a lot of content at one time, without it looking too cluttered. My favorite part is the ability to add your own text. Paper.li does not give you this option, which is what makes Storify that much better.

Following is an example of the Storify that I have created for NuFocus Strategic Group. Let me know what you think! What else could this great tool be used for?

This Week’s NuWork

This is a collection of insights about innovative ideas in the workplace.

A Radically Different Business ModelHere at NuFocus Strategic Group, we have a unique way of doing work.The NuFocus business model is set-up as a for profit enterprise. And that’s where the similarities to your typical business model end.First, there are no employees. All consultants are Partners and operate as self-employed individuals.

Second, there is no formal hierarchy. Everyone is their own boss having no one to answer to. Instead, our business model is based on a mutually supportive client-supplier relationship which essentially guarantees that we treat each other as true partners. There is no place for politics at NuFocus. Connection and Collaboration determine success. It is reflected in everything that we do and the way we are structured.

Third, we had to innovate virtually everything in our business.We knew that our culture could make or break the model, so we had to invent a completely new infrastructure. And it’s not done yet nor probably will it ever be. We are continuously learning and evolving; it is a way of life here at NuFocus.
In the following articles, you will learn about new ways of doing work, new business models, and innovative ideas. That is what the NuFocus Way is all about. We hope you enjoy the aggregation of articles that we have for you!
Lynda Gratton: Three mindshifts for leaders | Management Innovation eXchange

MIX Maverick Lynda Gratton discusses three challenges around new social technologies: what do they mean for leaders, how do we change the talent management practices to support a new kind of workforce, and how do employees actually become part of the change.
Bill Clinton and How to Use Convening Power – Rosabeth Moss Kanter – Harvard Business Review

Rosabeth Moss Kanter is a professor at Harvard Business School and the author of Confidence and SuperCorp. Connect with her on Facebook or at Twitter.com/RosabethKanter. 10:10 AM Monday September 19, 2011 | Comments () The best CEOs do it. Effective entrepreneurs do it. Middle managers who become change agents do it.
Think Your Job Is Bad? Try One Of These! – Forbes

When many studies, such as the Shift Index, show that only one in five people is fully engaged in his or her work, it’s not hard to find people who don’t like their jobs. What is surprising is which jobs are perceived as the worst.

We hope that you enjoyed the collection of videos and articles that we have gathered for you!

We wish you all the best, and have a great weekend!
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